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The storm that dismantles a dynasty...

1780. Wild and windswept Yorkshire. Sixteen-year-old Heathcliff runs from the only home he as ever known in a squall of pain and fury.

Blown into an inn on the edge of the moors, sodden, rejected, and hankering for revenge, he steals a horse and sets out for Liverpool in search of answers. The town he arrives in is a brutal new world, brimming in equal measure with risk and opportunity. Here, Heathcliff might map his future, make his fortune, forge a role for himself. But at what cost...

Reimagining the three years during which Heathcliff is absent from Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights, This Thing of Darkness traverses countries and oceans in pursuit of one of literature's best known characters.

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This Thing of Darkness is available to buy online and in all UK bookshops

This Thing of Darkness is also available to buy in the following countries:

France  Germany  Portugal  Denmark  Finland

Hungary  Romania  Switzerland  Holland  Australia

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